"I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I write and I understand." - Chinese proverb

Friday, January 14, 2011


Have you ever stared down the barrel of a gun?

Here is what it's like.  It's a winter day, a Sunday, mid-morning and you're sitting at your computer checking your e-mail.  Suddenly you hear your front door fling open and a male voice says "State Police!"  You figure it's your friend Dave playing a joke; Dave said he might stop by.

In no hurry, you get up, push the chair back under your desk and walk through the living room to the hallway that leads to the kitchen.

A man is standing in the kitchen aiming a gun down the hall.  Aiming it at you.  It is not Dave.

You stand there just looking at him.  He is looking at you.  Time stops.
He speaks at last.  "Do you have an upstairs?" he says.  Quite an offhand remark, you think.   Then you say "uh, no..."

"Do you have a roommate?" he asks.  You can barely spit in out, but you say "no..."  You are feeling a little less petrified but not much.  You do kind of feel some anger creeping in.

Then he says rather uncertainly "Is this 21 Blah-blah Street?"

Right about now you see the uniform materialize and you realize this really is a police officer.

You say "No!  It's 23!" you say and then he turns and runs.  You run right after him.  21 is the tenant's part of the house.  Something is going on with B.?

You find B.'s mother, H., standing on the front porch talking to another cop.  In the area, she had stopped for a bouquet and brought it to her daughter, whose birthday it is.  Since B. wasn't home, her mom went on in and was rummaging through the kitchen cabinets looking for a vase.  (She has a key.)

But B.'s housemate A., who used the upstairs, heard noises, called 911 and said someone was in the house and she was barracading herself up there with her dogs (a chihuahua and a Basenji).

What a tangled web indeed.

Your own personal cop has disappeared into his cruiser and left the premises.  You give H. a hug and tell her you are honored indeed to have such a criminal as she stop by.

You go back into your side of the house.  It is still Sunday, mid-morning.

The day that someone aimed a loaded gun at you...but didn't pull the trigger.

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